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At MACCRAY, our mission is to provide an environment for individuals to become knowledgeable, respectful, independent lifelong learners who are positive contributors to society.

We are located on the prairies of West Central Minnesota along the Hwy-23 corridor. We are within driving distance of lakes county, have a thriving farming community, and have easy access to any amenities one could ask for.

Our community is incredibly supportive of our students in their academic and extra-curricular activities. Our staff are experienced and strive to ensure that every student who enters their room is successful.


One Campus

New Teacher Mentorship

Visitor's Guide

Four Day School Week

1:1 Device Program

Over 25 Activities and Clubs

Steady Enrollment

"The MACCRAY Staff and Students are so friendly, caring, and welcoming. It is one of the schools in the area I enjoy coming to most because of those things."

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