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Health Services

Dona Haines RN, BAN, PHN LSN
Licensed School Nurse
District School Nurse
320-847-2154, ext. 1159


Kayla Dambroten
Middle School Secretary
Health Assistant
320-847-2154, ext. 1153  

Health Services Forms:

The goal of Health Services is to create and sustain a school health system that promotes and supports student achievement, health and well-being.

  • Assess individual student health and developmental status
  • Promote and maintain the health and well-being of all students
  • Develop health plans for students with health conditions
  • Coordinate prevention and control of communicable disease
  • Develop a system of first aid and emergency care
  • Conduct health screenings including vision and hearing and Early Childhood Screenings
  • Participate in health education
  • Recommend new and updated health policies



The following guidelines are intended to help in the decision on if you should attend school or stay home because of illness.

Please keep yourself home from school: 

      •  If you have had an oral temperature of 100 degrees or higher in the past 24 hours. Stay home from school until 24 hours after fever is gone (WITHOUT use of fever reducing medicine). 
      • If you have vomited in the previous 24 hours. 
      • If you have had diarrhea in the previous 24 hours and/or you are not feeling well and need to use the bathroom frequently. 
      • If you have a rash for which the cause is unknown, see your healthcare provider before going back to school. 
      • If you have an illness that prevents you from participating in routine activities. 
      • If you have symptoms of or have been diagnosed with an illness listed in the document below which requires you to stay home.

For more specific information regarding symptoms, contagious period, and details of a certain type of illness, check out this document from our Health Services Department.


Click on the letter to view the full document.