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MACpac Program is ready when you are!

This program provides some easy-to-prepare food for students on the weekends. We aim to include the equivalent of 2 breakfast items, 2 snack items and 2 main entrees. One of the breakfast items or snack items will be a fruit – and sometimes the fruit item is in addition to the other items!

Each MACpac weighs 3 lbs or less (usually around 2 lbs). In the elementary schools, the MACpac bags are slipped into the student backpacks and in the High School they are placed in the student’s locker. Students hopefully will not open the MACpac until they arrive home!

In rare instances some of the food may have a Best Before Date (BBD) which has passed. BBD means the food item has reached its best before date but has NOT expired and it is still safe to eat.  

Would this program be helpful for your child/youth? If so, complete the form and return it to any of the school offices.

Volunteers pack the MACpacs every 2 weeks. So depending on when a student returns the registration form the child/youth will not receive a MACpac until the next packing.

Questions?  Call Joyce on 320-262-2669 or Barb on 320-220-2925.

If you enroll your student and find the program is not what you expected or helpful, just notify the school office to un-enroll.

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