Welcome to MACCRAY Elementary!  Our elementary schools are located in Maynard and Raymond.  We are home to grades K - 6 and also have 3 and 4 year old preschool available at both sites.  

MACCRAY East Elementary
309 Day Street
PO Box 215
Raymond, MN 56282
Phone: 320.967.4281        FAX: 320.967.4283
Katie Kimpling - Administrative Assistant

MACCRAY West Elementary
700 Agnes Avenue
PO Box 276
Maynard, MN 56260
Phone: 320.367.2396        FAX: 320.367.2399

Lindsey Bosch - Administrative Assistant


About Us
MACCRAY is located in the heart of the prairie in Central Minnesota. The district is comprised of three schools, all located on Highway 23. The two elementary schools are located in Maynard and Raymond. Seventh through twelfth grade students attend the high school in Clara City.
MACCRAY Public Schools
711 Wolverine Drive
Clara City, MN 56222

(320) 847-2154 (High School)
(320) 367-2396 (West Elementary)
(320) 967-4282 (East Elementary)