Parents may request information on the professional qualifications of the educators providing instruction including:
a.    whether the teacher is licensed for the grades and subjects assigned
b.    whether the teacher is teaching with a waiver
c.    the academic credentials or preparation of the teacher and
d.    whether their child is provided services by a paraprofessional and his/her qualifications

To request this information, please contact the elementary office.

About Us
MACCRAY is located in the heart of the prairie in Central Minnesota. The district is comprised of three schools, all located on Highway 23. The two elementary schools are located in Maynard and Raymond. Seventh through twelfth grade students attend the high school in Clara City.
MACCRAY Public Schools
711 Wolverine Drive
Clara City, MN 56222

(320) 847-2154 (High School)
(320) 367-2396 (West Elementary)
(320) 967-4282 (East Elementary)